UMC Utrecht

working in the Silicon Valley of the healthcare sector

a unique employer communicates in an eye-catching way.

University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) has made a name for itself. Everything that happens in the field of complex care, happens here. A hospital with an extremely strong innovative character. However, even the UMC Utrecht cannot escape the major shortages in the healthcare sector.

Initiatives are arising from various quarters in order to get more people interested in a job in the healthcare sector. A strong employer story is essential for the UMC Utrecht in order to stand out among people who can take their pick from jobs.


The innovative character of the hospital seems to have faded away. It is time for an employer brand campaign that makes a difference in the recruitment of nurses.


The UMC Utrecht is the Silicon Valley of the healthcare sector. Healthcare innovation takes place here. What would you most like to do at such a unique place? Take a look behind the scenes.

creative solution

We launched ‘de umcutrecht-opname’ (the UMC Utrecht recording). With this new 3D audio technology, you take a look behind the scenes in the hospital in a unique manner. Put on a pair of headphones and experience it yourself.


Through the external campaign, we achieved broad visibility in the Utrecht region. More than 30% of the total website traffic went to the campaign and the campaign brought in almost 500 job applications.

1 / 5 Preview audiotour

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Hans Kroonen

Client director